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Noarlunga South Australia
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Daniel De Valentin

I simply paint what I see around me, focusing on capturing the beauty in ordinary moments. 


Contact me for enquiries:

- Commissioned works

- Purchasing paintings and prints

- Workshops and demonstrations

Selected Commissions, Awards & Exhibitions

Selected Commissions




Canberra Cathedral, 2023, St Christopher

St Anthony's Wanniassa, 2021, With a Father's Heart

Canberra & Goulburn Archdiocese, 2021, Spring Ball Promotional Art

Ian & Marian, 2020, Portrait

Ian & Marian, 2020, Portrait

Hillview Farm Stay, 2017,  Portrait

Australian National University (ANU), 2014, Mural - Cats the Musical

Griffith City Council, 2013, Pool Mural (South Side)

ANU, 2013, Mural - Theatre Set 

 Kay, 2013, Portrait

ANU, 2012, Mural - Live Below the Line Campaign Promotion

ANU Art Prize, 2013, First Prize, Weathered

ANU Art Prize, 2012, First Prize, Portrait - Veronica, 

Art Express, 2011,  Major Prize,  Windows to Uncertainty

Exposed, 2009, Highly Commended, Life Giving Water

National Portrait Gallery Exhibition, Head Space 2009, Self Portrait

GALA Exhibition, 2009, Second Prize, Figure in Red

GALA Exhibition, 2008, First Prize, Vineyard

GALA Exhibition, 2006, Highly Commended, Icarus

Bruce Hall Art Exhibition, 2013

ANU Art Exhibition, 2013

Bruce Hall Art Exhibition, 2012

ANU Art Exhibition, 2012

Art Express, 2011

GALA Art Exhibition, 2010

National Portrait Gallery Exhibition, 2009

GALA Art Exhibition, 2009

GALA Art Exhibition, 2008

GALA Art Exhibition, 2007

GALA Art Exhibition, 2006

National Portrait Gallery News, 2021, Can't Stay Away

CathNews, 2021, How an Ice Hockey Star Entered the Picture

Catholic Voice, September 2021, St Joseph Becomes the 'Guiding Hand'

A.G. Coombs National News and Publications, Can't Stay Away

Together Magazine, Wagga Wagga, 2018, The Artist: Daniel De Valentin

Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn News, 2017, Daniel is More Than Handy with a Paintbrush

Archdiocese Sydney News, 2017, Art Inspired by Faith

Bruce Hall Academic Journal, 2012, Portrait

Griffith City Council - Annual Report, 2011, Leisure Centre Murals

National Portrait Gallery Headspace Prize, 2009, Self Portrait

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